The final reflection..

I want to thank to my CALL lesson teacher MR. akayoglu that I have learned very much during the semester. I was happy with the lesson and content but only I want to say everything went very fast.. I have been learning English and I’ve started to like teaching English. Using technology in teaching is part of us. Thanks for everything mr.sakayoğlu.ıt was nice to meet you.


Weebly  is known as free website builders, and this web builder can be a great chance for many types of web based job. Weebly has both advantages and disadvantages, and it is important for  being computer users to learn as much as they can about its services before getting started. The first step for would be Weebly users is a simple sign up process. After that process has been completed, users are greeted by the Weebly website builder. This website builder welcome site provides all the basic elements of a website on a page, and users are free to choose a variety of pages layouts and templates. The Weebly website builder includes many different templates and designs for business owners and individuals to choose from, making it useful for a number of different types of businesses.Even though Weebly is a very capable web builder, there are some negatives that website owners will need to be aware of. Perhaps the most important drawback is that Weebly does not provide support for Java scripts. This lack of Java support means that web designers will not be able to use many special effects on their sites. Weebly also does not provide the ability to edit the HTML code directly, another major drawback for many users.The bottom line is that Weebly is a capable and easy to use website builder for simple sites. Individuals who want to build a website quickly and easily should definitely consider Weebly to create an easy to build and easy to navigate site. Small business owners, especially those in niche categories, may also want to consider using Weebly to build their sites. Those with more complicated needs, on the other hand, may want to look for a website builder with a more extensive array of tools and capabilities.


A podcast is a digital media file, or a series of a lot files, that is distributed over the  Internet using syndication feeds for playback on portable media players and personal  computers.  The podcast can be downloaded and the access to it is very easy. Feed formats such as RSS, which nearly every computer has and every website make it easy to get the podcast people want. The BBC, Guardian Unlimited, Yahoo, all sorts of WebPages and news organizations have their podcast which is convenient, because for example journalists have missed the news, or an event that has recently happened, he/she can listen to it again. It is easy and convenient, because people can listen to the latest podcast on their way to work, as nearly everyone has an iPod or an mp3 player. I didn’t know this voice recorder before. We created an account in the Audiboo. The one who use audiboo can share and post his/her recorded sound. You can use it for reporting, storytelling, education or just to let friends know what you’re up to. When you record and upload your audio file, you can include your location, a feature which l liked most.

Nicenet and Prezi

Nicenet is a discussion platform which can be used by all educators. A discussion platform is a public classroom forum for creating, discussing on ideas. The advantages of using Nicenet is to motivate  shy students, who are reluctant to speak up in class, feel very comfortable writing their opinions and replying to other students. Also, students can learn from each others’ writing, especially if you are using Nicenet for the posting of writing assignments. So, it is motivating for them do their best work. They also look forward to seeing each others’ writing. We can use Nicenet  to have students post homework assignments, first draft writing assignments, final draft writing assignments, and class work writing.But I didnt like the prezzi.Its hard to use it.I didnt understand this weeks’s work.Its very complex to understand.I need a helper. I think ı will use some help from my friends…

Hot patatoes

This is the most interesting and usefull programmes that I have learned in this lesson.It s very convenient and helpfull for lessons in my future life.Im going to use it in my future life as an teacher.You can make tests , quizzes, close tests etc.Now, ı have to do my homeworks about it in hot patatoes such as cloze test, matches, quiz..Bye